Quarry Up is Studio Volpi Innovation Hub, it offers business consulting focused mainly on production, management and commercial processes to bring companies to digitalization, ensures structured and targeted company training customized on the client and research new innovative projects and talents.

Quarry Up can count on a network with different expertise, from finance to engineering, from design to communication, they set the ability to analyze a project and grasp it’s possibilities.

Quarry Up speaks to companies, startups and people, all those that want to start a real cultural transformation. Together with them it plans and implement Open Innovation programs with financing and call for bids at European, national and regional level.

Quarry Up believes that knowledge drives innovation and thanks to technology it can trigger it, use it and then spread it, to face global challenges. The training approach is practical and active. Quarry Up organizes workshops customized and designed on the need of the company and on the problems that occur every day.

This is the world we want to help build providing companies, the tools and methods necessary to build the culture, the mindset and the innovation design of digital transformation, the development of skills / human resources as strategic levers and competitiveness to face the challenges and grow the business.