Quarry Up aims to predict what are the new potential scenarios to plan technological actions and innovations to meet current and future needs.

To understand and consequently plan innovative successful scenarios, it becomes crucial to understand global changes by implementing a process and a methodology to ensure complete exploration of the market and technological offerings.

Technology Scouting is the tool for companies to understand and select the most suitable technologies and technological partners to develop product innovation, and then define the company’s technological strategy consistent with emerging scenarios and needs.

Quarry Up wants to use and offer this powerful tool to all companies that want to be part of the competitive market, customizing the approach and methodology to the size and needs of the company and ensuring a journey made of continuous confrontation with the customer to ensure the optimal result compared to the requests.

Benefits for the company

Comprehensive understanding of the technological survey to guide the company (business area) and make a decision based on the technological context (low risk).

Definition of the investigation area

Selection of the research method

Collection of technical-scientific documentation

Documentation filter and analysis

Evaluation of the results

Prioritization and decision


  • Exhaustive understanding of specific technological areas:
    • evaluation of physical and intellectual assets
    • identification of emerging opportunities and research on trends
    • identification of innovation gaps
    • analysis of the activities of competitors
  • Identification of promising concepts and solutions
    • Conceptualize and design
  • Evaluation of technical challenges at various levels
    • High-level assessment of technological and non-technological factors that could have an impact on development: preliminary technical feasibility, time to market, technological sourcing, Intellectual Property
  • Draft and suggestion of the technological roadmap
  • Preliminary assessment of the positioning of the corporate market in terms of competitiveness according to the elaborated technical roadmap
  • Identification of technological priorities to concentrate efforts and resources


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